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bestimmt belcanto presents: JUNG(GEBLIEBEN)E TALENTE

An exhibition of young and young-at-heart Austrian artists

Location: Galerie Sala Terrena, Stadtamt Mödling, Pfarrgasse 9
Time: Between 19 and 28 April 2024
Vernissage: Friday, 19 April, at 6 pm
Special Day: World Creativity & Innovation Day, Sunday, 21 April, at 3 pm
Finissage: Sunday, 28 April, at 6 pm
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 3 – 6 pm

Information about the event:

The association bestimmt belcanto cordially invites you and your friends to the vernissage of the exhibition JUNG(GEBLIEBEN)E TALENTE in the gallery Sala Terrena in Mödling Amthaus, Pfarrgasse 9. This exhibition presents works by eight talented Austrian artists and is part of our efforts to promote creativity and art in our community. The aim of this exhibition is to make previously undiscovered talents in painting known to a wider public and to support them in their entry into the art market. The artists exhibited are a diverse group consisting of both young (under 30) and young-at-heart (60+) people who are dedicated to the visual arts. Their works reflect their unique perspectives and artistic expressions.

The artists whose works will be presented are:

SEAN ARMANI from Tyrol, currently doing community service in Vienna, 19 years old
GABRIEL ANKER from Tyrol, lives in Innsbruck, geriatric nurse, 22 years old
RAIS BARGHOUD from Vienna, born in Syria, student, 16 years old
PATRICIA JAQUELINE from Vienna, student, 20 years old
RICARDA Mercedes LANER from Tyrol, lives in Zirl, journalist, 26 years old
SARA LATTA from Tyrol, lives in Stams and Innsbruck, student, 19 years old
DR. ELFRIEDE MATYSEK from Lower Austria, lives in Vienna, retired psychologist and psychiatrist, 75 years old
EVA MOSER from Styria, lives in Graz, teacher and youth worker, 59 years old

The exhibition will open with a festive vernissage on Friday, April 19, at 6 p.m. and will run until April 28. A special highlight will be the „Special Day“ on Sunday, April 21, at 3 pm, when the World Day of Creativity and Innovation will be celebrated. The finissage will take place on Sunday, April 28, at 6 pm.

bestimmt belcanto cordially invites art lovers and the community to visit this inspiring exhibition and discover the works of these talented artists.

Further event dates will be announced soon!

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Many thanks to our sponsors!

Many thanks to our sponsors!