Courses & Workshops

Offers for beginners and advanced students

We are currently developing programmes for anyone who would like to discover, deepen or simply try out their artistic skills.

Our courses & workshops are designed for different levels of experience – for beginners as well as advanced students. Whether you’ve been dreaming of the stage for a long time or are just discovering your creative side, you’ll find the right course or workshop to develop your talents. The special thing about our programmes is that they are open to members and non-members alike. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take part in our programmes and develop their artistic skills, regardless of membership of the association.

Participation in courses and workshops is of course free of charge for our members.

We are currently planning the following courses and workshops.

Please be patient – we are currently working intensively on the realisation of the courses and workshops

MUSIC - Singing / Vocals

Discover your voice and learn the basics of singing under the guidance of experienced singing teachers. Whether you are just starting out or are already advanced, this course will help you improve your vocal skills and develop your musical talents.

Dates coming soon


Get to know different painting, sculpture and design techniques. Whether you work with brushes and paint or create three-dimensional works of art – you can bring your creative vision to life in our courses and workshops.

Dates coming soon


Develop your dance skills and experience the joy of dancing. From ballet and hip-hop to contemporary dance styles, we offer a variety of courses for dancers of all levels.

Dates coming soon


Overcome your nervousness and learn to be confident on stage. This training course will give you practical tips and techniques to reduce stage fright and give a confident performance.

Dates coming soon

MUSIK - Instrument

Learn to play a musical instrument of your choice, be it piano, guitar, violin or another instrument. Our professional music teachers will help you develop your skills and nurture your musical passion.

Dates coming soon


Deepen your skills in special masterclasses. These intensive workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn and develop your talent under the guidance of renowned artists and experts.

Dates coming soon


Learn the basics of music production and work on your own songs and tracks in the studio. From recording and mixing to mastering, you will gain an insight into the world of music production.

Dates coming soon


Prepare yourself specifically for castings and auditions and improve your presentation and performance skills. In this workshop, you will receive valuable tips and feedback on how to be successful at auditions.

Dates coming soon

Voice training and singing lessons at our Voice Academy

Our Voice Academy gives you a first impression of what to expect. As the name suggests, it’s all about strengthening and developing your voice – with our singing lessons

The Voice Academy offers professional singing lessons and comprehensive vocal training for people who want to develop their skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, our customised one-to-one lessons are tailored to your needs. Our aim is to cater to your specific needs and abilities in order to work together to improve your technique, strengthen your voice and deepen your musical understanding. Our Voice Academy offers a holistic approach to singing and stage presence. Enter the fascinating world of voice training and discover the joy of singing.

INFO: Courses and workshops in our Voice Academy can already be requested from us. Just send us an email and we will let you know how to proceed.

Vocal exercises are used to warm up and train the voice. Compare your voice to a musical instrument. Just as an instrument needs to be tuned and warmed up before it is used on stage, your voice also needs preparation. Vocal exercises loosen the vocal muscles, reduce tension and prepare your voice for singing. Singing lessons are worthwhile, regardless of your level of experience. Whether you are already experienced on stage, want to take to the stage at some point, sing your own songs or start your own YouTube channel – we will support you. Healthy vocal training is crucial for lasting success.
How do I choose songs that suit my voice? In the Voice Academy you will learn techniques to find exactly the right songs for your range and personality. Your voice in action: interpretation, emotion and performance. Be unique! That’s what makes a true artist. With your individual interpretation and performance, you will arouse emotions and engage the audience. Learn stage presence, movement and how to involve the audience. Correct breathing and posture are essential. Conscious control of breathing improves timing and enables effortless mastery of longer phrases. Learn these skills and your expressiveness will multiply.

Interested in our courses and workshops?

We can already support you, especially in the area of singing lessons. To find out which singing courses can currently be booked and for more information about voice training, simply get in touch with us and we will let you know what we already offer and what the next steps are.