Art and culture for everyone

The ASSOCIATION: Inclusion and integration through art and culture

bestimmt belcanto aims to promote young and young-at-heart talent in a wide range of artistic disciplines. The organisation places particular emphasis on the artistic development of children and the inclusion of neurodivergent people, for example those on the autism spectrum. The great power of art and culture lies in uniting people on an emotional and intellectual level. All creative forms of expression are the heartbeat of our society and enrich us with their diversity.

FOR ARTISTS: One association - many possibilities

Immerse yourself in the diverse world of creativity where art and music projects are brought to life. As a member of our organisation, not only are doors to a wealth of opportunities open to you, but you also become part of a dedicated community that promotes the artistic vision of each individual. In our encounters with talented artists, we discover a world of wonder and inspiration that encourages us to unleash our own creativity. Let us be inspired by art and find our own unique form of expression.

COURSES & WORKSHOPS: Developing skills

Expand your artistic potential now with our diverse courses and workshops in the artist support programme! From singing lessons to strengthen and refine your voice, to workshops to combat stage fright, to courses in reading music, colour theory, music theory or artist marketing – we offer a comprehensive range to support artists from various fields on their path. Of course, all courses and workshops are also open to non-members. We regularly provide information about new events. Join us and realise your full creative potential!

EVENTS: Experience artistic diversity together

Our events bring together artists from various disciplines, talented young artists, art lovers and cultural sponsors from different countries. Together we celebrate the diversity of art and culture. We firmly believe that art and culture strengthen the social fabric, promote dialogue and are a source of inspiration for personal growth and social cohesion. We donate all proceeds from our events to well-known Austrian organisations, such as the JUNO association to support single parents or the “make a wish” foundation.

FOR SPONSORS: Promoting art and culture

Our association is passionately committed to promoting art and culture. So far, we have been able to realise some great concerts and events – also thanks to the commitment of numerous companies as part of our cultural sponsorship. Become part of a moving initiative to support art, culture and diversity. Your support not only enables us to promote talented artists, but also the integration of neurodivergent people with autism spectrum or Asperger’s syndrome, the development of children and much more. Together, we are creating an inspiring platform for creativity, diversity and inclusion.