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As a member of our organisation, you will not only have access to a wealth of opportunities, but you will also become part of a committed community that promotes the artistic vision of each individual. The focus is on personal, individual support – through community, exchange and interesting projects, workshops and events. You can take part in art projects and exhibit your own work or perform as a musician in one of our concerts and present yourself to an audience, and much more. As a member, you play an active role and have the opportunity to take part in projects and activities and contribute your own ideas. Your membership makes all the difference! Welcome to the world of art, welcome to bestimmt belcanto.

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We look forward to hearing from you! Just send us an email or use the contact form on the website and let us know what you are doing or what you are interested in. We will then discuss everything else together.

Find your place in the world of art and culture - even without artistic talent

Are you less interested in a particular art form, but are still fascinated by the many facets of art and culture? Then you’ve come to the right place! Become part of a community in which creativity and passion thrive. Our association offers an ideal platform for beginners and advanced artists to establish themselves in the complex music industry and artistic world. Here you have the opportunity to develop your talents, no matter in which area. Whether you are interested in advertising, press relations, social media, graphic design, organisation, management, marketing, PR, studio work, recording or stage technology – we offer you the chance to get involved, regardless of your previous experience. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to find ways for you and your interests to get involved.

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The magic of variety

Everybody is welcome at bestimmt belcanto

Whatever your artistic heart beats for – everyone is welcome here! Each art form opens up its own universe that tells stories and awakens emotions. bestimmt belcanto invites artists from all disciplines to become part of this universe. Here, different art forms meet and unfold their uniqueness. bestimmt belcanto opens the doors to this universe and creates a special space that welcomes and supports artists from all disciplines. It is a place of inspiration, creativity and support for artists of all disciplines. In this unique environment, artists are encouraged to share their individual forms of expression and grow in their art. It is a space of creativity that celebrates the magic of diversity and serves as a source of inspiration for all who wish to begin or continue their artistic journey.

Welcome to the world of art, welcome to bestimmt belcanto.


The sounds of music are as diverse as the people themselves. Whether classical melodies or modern rhythms, music speaks a universal language.


Dance is a powerful form of physical expression. From classical ballet to contemporary expressive dance – every movement tells a story.

Photography / Video Art

Capturing moments in images makes it possible to document stories or create new realities. Every photo and every video tells a story, be it documentary or artistic.


The art of painting makes it possible to express thoughts and emotions in colours and shapes. The canvas becomes the canvas of the soul, on which artists tell their individual stories.


Creating sculptures gives artists the opportunity to mould and design with materials. Every sculpture is an expression of creativity and personality.

Drama / Acting

Acting is a fascinating stage art that brings emotions and stories to life through lively performances.

The fascination of music

Universal and diverse

Music is sometimes colourful, loud, quiet, sometimes emotional or stirring. bestimmt belcanto offers a platform where this diversity is celebrated and artists of all musical genres are welcome. Each art form opens up its own universe that tells stories and awakens emotions. Music speaks a universal language, and within this creative association musicians experience a supportive community. Classical and modern instruments: The impressive variety of instruments ranges from classical violins to modern synthesisers. At bestimmt belcanto, the sound world of each instrument is appreciated and given room to unfold. Singing: The human voice is a unique instrument. Whether dramatic opera singing or free expression in pop music, every voice at bestimmt belcanto carries its own fascinating story into the world. Opera: The art of opera singing combines music and drama to create an impressive overall experience. Every note tells an emotional story that touches the listener deeply. Pop: The world of pop music offers a wide range of styles and forms of expression at bestimmt belcanto. From catchy melodies to profound lyrics, pop music entertains and moves in this unique environment. Jazz: Jazz is different. A special cosmos created by virtuoso musicians with the famous “blue notes”. Jazz is rarely straightforward, almost always emotional and inspires millions of people worldwide.

bestimmt belcanto not only creates a space for the diversity of music, but also supports artists in their development. The organisation invites musicians of all genres to join this inspiring community and share their unique forms of expression. Welcome to the fascinating world of music, welcome to bestimmt belcanto.